A coffee with … Mary Matz

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Mary Matz

I have one thing to say: launching a new project is always really exciting. And I’m excited to present the first opus of my “A coffee with …” series, a series of short interviews with people who usually don’t answer questions in front of a camera. My aim is to focus on the content and not on the container (you’ll see this theme coming up a lot here in the following months!). So, the setup is simple: my phone as a camera, a basic digital recorder for the sound. And what would have been a better target for this first episode than the editor of an online music magazine? Interviewing the interviewer, what a funny and comfortable situation for me! My first guest was Mary Matz, editor of Opus Osm, the paperless monthly magazine about Czech classical music, opera, and ballet.

We sat over a coffee with Mary when I was in Prague in June and had a very long discussion about… music of course! But for this mini-interview, we focused on music journalism, and Mary gave us a few tips about how to to behave with and get the attention of a journalist. Isn’t it priceless? Learn why your emails are going to the trash without being read or what is getting on the nerves of a music journalist. It’s time to watch this short video:

You’ll see again Mary very soon in here: a couple of months ago we had a very long video talk about my Beethoven recording and the pianist’s life. Ten episodes will be published in here and on Opus Osm, starting soon! Stay tuned!